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Royal Palm Security prides itself on our service delivery which is second to none in the industry. Royal Palm’s 23-member security services unit provides the following:

  • Provide proactive community patrol, 24 hours a day with 5 marked patrol vehicles
  • Provide tactical bike patrol using IPMBA trained officers
  • Assist in maintaining ingress and egress at the Camino Real traffic circle
  • Monitor incoming traffic at both the W and N gates for criminal elements
  • Provide house checks upon the request of the homeowner
  • Respond to all emergencies as monitored over emergency services radio
  • Provide golf cart patrols of the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club
    (an unaffiliated entity located with the property boundaries of our community)
  • Assist residents with vehicle jump starts
  • Assist residents with locating lost pets
  • Maintain and enforce hours of operation for construction site work
  • Monitor parking and assist with illegally parked traffic complaints
  • Maintain documentation of all activities in a computer aided dispatch system
  • Participate in community crime watch activities by promoting crime prevention
  • Monitoring and reporting broken or non-functioning street lights to ensure a well lit, safe community

RPIA officers are highly trained in several areas of high liability including but not limited to:

  • Firearms certification – All RPIA officers are certified pursuant to Florida State Statutes
  • Emergency First responder (first aid, AED, oxygen and C.P.R.)
  • Less-than-lethal-use of force (pepper spray, baton, handcuffing restraints)
  • Water rescue

Additionally, approximately one quarter of our security staff have received specialized bicycle patrol operations training consisting of 24 hours of a physically demanding activity as taught by an International Police Mountain Bike Association instructor.