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One of the major responsibilities of the Royal Palm Improvement Association is to maintain the architectural beauty of our neighborhood. We also insure that our members maintain their properties in accordance with community standards.

Our bylaws state that no building or other structures can be placed on any lot until plans and specifications as well as the plot (survey) have been submitted to RPIA and have been approved in writing. Our Association documents give us aesthetic control as well as control over the locations of buildings, walls, seawalls, fences, boathouses, hedges and garages. Exterior house color, driveway and patio pavers, major landscape projects as well as any exterior change to the building fascade must also be approved by RPIA before installation.

Architectural matters are handled by the Architectural Review Board (ARB), a committee formed under the auspices of the RPIA Board of Governors. ARB meetings are held twice monthly. In order to provide the ARB with sufficient time to review plans, submittals must be made at least 72 hours prior to a meeting.

The Architectural Review Board has selected a standard mailbox for use in the community as well as standard bollards (posts) for driveway entrances. Please contact RPIA to obtain the specific model number. Mailboxes can be ordered from:

FlagCraft, INC